Eptacom BetterEstimate™

BetterEstimate™ is a tool for probabilistic effort estimation.
It is provided free of charge, for personal, research or business purposes. You can not, however, redistribute, repackage, or sell this software.

BetterEstimate™ requires the Microsoft .NET Framework, version 1.1.
No installation process is needed: just unzip the package wherever you want, and launch BetterEstimate.exe.

Download the Version 1.0b ZIP Archive of BetterEstimate™ binaries.

Download the User Manual (PDF).

The paper Realistic and Useful: Toward Better Estimates (draft version 1.2) describes the rationale behind the BetterEstimate approach.

The paper BetterEstimate: the (simple) math behind (draft version 1.0) describes mathematical concepts behind the approach, and provides a deeper explanation about constraints on input data.

Feedback is welcome: betterestimate@eptacom.net

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