Monday, September 26, 2005 

Ultraviolet, running, and requirements

I'm posting this on Monday, but it's about Sunday. I was too lazy to post it yesterday :-).

Fulvio Esposito, in one of his comments, pointed out an unreadable form used by the Italian Post Office. I've seen that form before, and I was surprised too by the absolute unreadability of the light orange text on a white background. So surprised that I couldn't think of that as completely unjustified. I tried to look at the form under a close fluorescent light, and the contrast was sharper. Even more so under ultraviolet light. So, that choice of colors could be an attempt to optimize the form for some scanner. Also, the form is a forth and back, so maybe this is helping some device telling which is which.
Of course, this is absolutely wrong anyway. Just think of who is going to fill that form. Most likely, someone who is not using email (elders, with high probability), or has some official document to send (concerned, if not worried, with some probability). Optimizing for the machine is not an option. Alternatively, that color could simply be the result of ignorance about humans and perception of colors. Guess I'll never know :-).

The weather was nice and I went for a (short) run. While running, a question I heard in the past three days while teaching OOD popped up in my mind, and I realized I could substantially improve an unrelated :-) course on requirements. I just have to scrap away most of it, and add the new stuff :-). Well, another background activity, just what I needed :-)).
ho anch'io una casistica da riportare in merito, anche se meno eclatante.

Come genitore mi è capitato spesso di dover firmare le ricevute di avviso emesse dalla scuola dei miei figli.

Tipicamente sono così concepite:

Il sottoscritto ______ genitore dell'alunno/a ______ frequentante la classe ___________ della scuola ...

Io, ma anche Carlo, me la cavo per via del cognome nome non troppo lungo, ma gli altri? Perché poi quello spazio eccessivo per la classe quando si mettono al più tre caratteri (Es. 2^C)?

L'attenuante è che per una segreteria scolastica i moduli sono pensati in casa, ma se anche solo provassero a compilarli...
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