Saturday, January 28, 2006 

Nerds, Commodities and Business skills (again)

In September 2005, I posted a somewhat controversial piece, The Nerd as a Commodity. A torrent of private email followed, together with a few animated :-) discussions in real life. I planned on writing more on the subject, but instead (or before that) I'll post a few links here, where similar arguments are discussed. A large part is (mostly) about the need for the [software] engineers to drop the geeky habits and learn some [real] business skills:
Engineering makeover seeks image upgrade
A Techie, Absolutely, And More
Beyond Academics
Staying on top in the global IT job market
Catching the Brass Ring (abstract only, requires subscription)
There is, of course, the other side of the story. Some companies, like Google, are fostering the geeky attitude:
Revenge of the Nerds -- Again
Dunno about you, but I find the "ZANY CULTURE" paragraph all so sad. Speaking of which, here is an interesting piece:
The engineers are feeling gloomy
I'll leave the obvious reference with my post above as the dreaded exercise for the reader :-).