Tuesday, July 22, 2008 

SmartFP™ paper (and tool) online

As promised, I've uploaded a free, simple tool to calculate Function Points using a decision tree. I've also uploaded a (draft) paper describing the overall approach. The paper is still missing a case study, which would help, but I just wanted to put the whole thing online. I'll add the case study, and a few more details, before submitting the paper for publication.

The decision tree approach is quite simple, especially if you have some knowledge of function points. Although it may seem like a small change in perspective from the usual "counting" approach, the result is that we can save a lot of time doing a function point estimate, and in many cases we also get more robust results.

Experiences and feedback are welcome, as usual. You can find the whole thing on the SmartFP page.

Note: as I plan to make more tools and libraries freely available, I've also created a new "tools" page. So far, there is only a link to BetterEstimate and SmartFP, but more will come...

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just a little typo: initially they are called "BigSeller", afterwards "LargeSeller"
Marco: thanks, I changed my mind along the way, and I forgot to update all instances. I'll fix that before submitting the paper!
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