Tuesday, March 30, 2010 

Blog Maintenance

I'm using Blogger to manage my blog, and so far I've been publishing to my website using the FTP Publishing feature, that Google decided to remove.
I don't want to switch to another blogging platform (yet), so I'll have to go with the flow, migrate my blog to a custom domain, and hope Google's FTP Migration Tool works :-).

When all is said and done, you'll no longer be able to reach my blog at www.eptacom.net/blog. It will be moved to www.carlopescio.com, where I have hosted a copy of the blog so far. If you subscribed to the atom feed, you'll have to re-subscribe after the blog is moved (sorry).

A message from Google should appear here after migration. I guess it will take a few days, as some DNS stuff is involved. That will be the right time to update your favorites, or re-subscribe the feed, etc.

See you on www.carlopescio.com (yeah, I'm being optimistic :-))