Eptacom SmartFP™

SmartFP™ is a simple tool to calculate Function Points using a decision tree.
The decision tree approach requires only a fraction of the time usually needed to calculate function points, yet results in more realistic and robust estimates.

It is provided free of charge, for personal, research or business purposes. You can not, however, redistribute, repackage, or sell this software.

SmartFP™ requires the Microsoft .NET Framework, version 2.0.
No installation process is needed: just unzip the package wherever you want, and launch SmartFP.exe.

SmartFP™ binaries: Version 1.0a ZIP Archive.

The paper SmartFP: Function Points as a Decision Tree (version 1.1) describes the rationale behind the SmartFP approach.

Feedback is welcome: smartfp@eptacom.net

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